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Is It Good To Eat Two Meals A Day?

It is relatively good to eat 2 times a day if you are on a diet that includes fasting. Now, you must be careful because your body needs essential nutrients to function properly during the day.

In this article we will reveal the reasons and consequences of having two meals a day. Also, we will answer some of related questions about this dietetic approach.

Is it really good to eat only 2 meals a day?

Nutritionists advise eating 3 balanced meals a day. Now, there are situations where we can follow a two-meal diet plan. And that plan must be conceived taking into consideration your current health condition.

You should not venture to drastically reduce your daily meals without thinking reasonably and without having a plan. You have to create a schedule where you mark the hours when you will make the 2 meals.

However, do not get used to eating only 2 times a day. Do it for as long as you are on a diet. The best thing you can do is eat a balanced diet during all three meals a day.

Which of the three meals should I eliminate?

People who eat 2 meals a day regularly skip breakfast and only have lunch and dinner. However, skipping breakfast can be very difficult for many people.

Starting the day without eating can be a difficult task, especially if we work in the morning. And it is understandable. We need energy for our abilities to function properly.

As such, you can eat a fruit in the morning or a yogurt. Eat something light but healthy. Some would just need a cup of coffee to be satisfied in the morning.

What kind of food should you eat?

If you are on the weight loss journey, you should eat low calorie food. There are many options, so don’t worry if you think you have to eat bad-tasting foods. There are plenty of delicious and healthy meals.

If you are going to consume meat, make sure they are lean meats, which are relatively low fat content, such as fish. For lunch, you can try grilled salmon or poached salmon.

As for dinner, chicken is a great option. If you don’t have time to make a salad at lunch, you can make a healthy oriental cabbage salad for dinner or crab meat salad.

What food should I avoid eating?

Avoid junk food or drinking excess alcohol. Also avoid eating bread especially at dinner. If you’re going to do it, do it at lunch. Among the foods you should avoid are:

  • Red meat
  • Burgers
  • Pizzas
  • Potato chips
  • Processed foods like donuts
  • Sodas
  • Desserts

Can you lose weight by eating 2 meals a day?

Yes. The main purpose for which many people eat 2 meals a day is to reduce calorie intake, which is the reason why people gain weight.

Excess calories are transformed into fat and lodged in our body. That is why we should not consume more daily calories than we burn during the course of the day.

However, eating two meals a day does not guarantee weight loss. That depends on the type of diet you have. Therefore, if we consume foods with a high number of calories, even if we eat 2 meals a day, we will not lose weight. We can even gain a few extra pounds.

Can you get fat by eating 2 meals a day?

As we mentioned, it is possible to gain weight by eating 2 meals a day. It all depends on how we control our caloric intake. Consequently, it is essential that you check the nutritional information of the foods you buy, and check the number of calories.

Also, it is good that you work out in case you consume foods with a high calorie content. Working out will help you burn calories as well as having an active life.

But be careful not to burn too many calories because you will feel hungry. You will also feel more tired than usual. And this is something you should avoid. In order to maintain good health, your body must be full of energy.

Can you exercise by eating 2 meals a day?

Of course. But don’t do very strenuous workouts like HIIT workouts. Keep in mind that you should not burn more calories than you consume in meals.

Therefore, embrace a training that keeps you active. You can go to the gym 3 times a week. Do 15-minute sessions of cardio training.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can go for a walk or jog. The important thing is that you stay active and that the exercises are not so strenuous.

What are the consequences of eating 2 meals a day?

As long as your 2 meals are balanced, there won’t be any negative consequences. On the contrary, positive consequences such as losing weight will be evident.

Other advantages are:

  • Reduce your daily calorie intake
  • Adopt a healthy diet
  • Avoid overeating
  • Avoid eating when you are not hungry

Remember, although eating 2 meals a day brings some benefits, it should not become a habit. As we recommend, reducing your meals is applicable if it is within a diet plan. Once you have an appropriate weight, you should return to consuming your usual 3 meals a day.

Other frequently asked questions

Here are similar questions that may arise in relation to the main topic:

Can I get sick if I eat two meals a day?

Not if your two meals are balanced. And especially if you are under the supervision of a previously designed plan. And remember, that eating two meals must be for a certain time.

How long should I continue to eat two meals a day?

That depends on your diet plan. In general, you shouldn’t keep it for long. A week is enough for you to see some results. But again, don’t prolong it. The idea of having two meals is primarily to get rid of some extra weight.

Is it healthy to eat two meals if you are slim?

In no way should you eat two meals a day if you have weight deficiencies. Eating two meals a day is advisable exclusively for overweight people.

How can I follow a healthy plan of two meals a day?

You have to make sure that the foods you select are nutritious and balanced. It should be food that is not very high in calories, and that provide the necessary vitamins for the body.


As a conclusion, we must emphasize what we have already implied throughout the article. If you are going to do a diet of two meals a day, you should do it by following a food plan according to your needs to guarantee your health.

Similarly, we recommend that you consult with a nutritionist so that you receive appropriate instructions based on the reasons why you want to eat two meals a day.

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