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* University Teaching (Undergraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas of: technology management, ICTs, applied computing, technology, administration, statistics, general management, Human Resources, Sports. Academic tutor and referee in different research works. Management of different eLearning tools.

* University teaching (Postgraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas from: Management and ICTs. Tutor and referee in different research projects.

* Research: Accredited active researcher in the area of technology management with various finished research products. Research Field: Management Technology in business organizations. Speaker at different events and conferences National and international. Author of academic books and different articles scientific investigation.

* Management: Managerial positions and direction of work teams. Area coordinator technologies in different congresses, forums and scientific, academic and/or events sports at national and international level. Extensive experience designing and implementing technological projects, information systems, reengineering processes, projects feasible, model designs and organizational systems.

* Technology: Described below:

BMI Calculator – Body Mass Index

This BMI calculator helps you distinguish muscle mass from the total fat in the body. It is an effective indicator of having a healthy weight. Our calculator specifically takes total skinfold thickness into account to provide more accurate results.

BMI Calculator

Basic Data

Skinfold Measurements


Important Information to understand body mass calculation and the skinfold measurements.

Why is it important to know our body Mass Index?

The percentage of fat measured by skinfold is an equation generally used in high-performance athletes and in those who perform intense physical exercise. It is used to distinguish muscle mass from the fat mass that is present in our body composition.

For example, the following table shows the different sums of skinfolds, which are significantly used as anthropometric parameters in some sports disciplines.

How is the body fat level calculated?

Through skin folds it is possible to obtain body density using formulas developed by multiple regression, which relate the measured skinfolds and body density.

How many measurement points are used to calculate the body mass index?

With the author Yuhasz’s method, 6 measurement points on the body are used to calculate the percentage of body fat. This variant is widely used in high-performance athletes and in people who go through high intensity training.

Likewise, it is used as an indicative measure of overweight or underweight, which helps us distinguish muscle mass from fat that is present in the athlete’s body composition.

It is appropriate to clarify that each sport, according to the required characteristics, has standard values based on age, gender, specialty, among others.