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Ideal Weight Calculator

Get your ideal weight based on your height, age, and gender. Our calculator will process your information and provide accurate results according to the data provided. It’s easy to use. Fill out the required fields to know what’s your ideal weight.



Important information!

¿What is the ideal weight?

Nowadays, there are scientific studies that affirm that excess or lack of body weight increases the risk of suffering from some diseases and, in some way, minimizes life expectancy.

For example, people who develop obesity at any level are more likely to have high blood pressure problems, diabetes, sleep disorders, joint problems, among many other pathologies.

Likewise, those people with low body weight can develop cases of anorexia, and other similar illnesses which can risk their lives.

The important issue in this sense is to have an ideal weight that is healthy and balanced to your particular conditions.
In recent years, the concept and formula of ideal weight have been discussed. So, there are different criteria and equations used.

Thus, an optimal weight must be a function of particular criteria such as: gender, age, height, occupation, pathologies.

What is the body mass index (BMI)?

It means the value associated between the weight and the height of a person. The WHO (World Health Organization) adopted it to carry out the corresponding diagnosis of an individual’s body weight.

It is calculated as follows:
BMI = weight (in kgs) ÷ height² (in meters)

Subsequently, the BMI results are interpreted under the following parameters:
– Severe thinness: less than 16 kg/m².
– Moderate thinness: between 16 and 16.99 kg/m².
– Slight thinness: between 17 and 18.49 kg/m².
– Normal weight: between 18.50 and 24.99 kg/m².
– Overweight: between 25 and 29.99 kg/m².
– Grade I obesity: between 30 and 34.99 kg/m².
– Grade II obesity: between 35 and 39.99 kg/m².
– Grade III obesity (morbid obesity): greater than 40 kg/m².

Now, “age” is a parameter that is not used for this calculation, and has an important significance because the human body makes all kinds of changes over time (menopause or andropause. , sedentary lifestyle, among others).

In this particular, there are formulas that incorporate age as a relevant criteria such as the Perrault equation, which is obtained in the following way:

Height in cm – 100 + ((age/10) x 0.9)

What is the advantage of knowing the ideal weight?

Having a healthy weight provides various benefits to your body. It can promote the health of the cardiovascular system, control cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. In addition, it can help you prevent diseases associated with body weight such as: diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, among others.

Is being underweight healthy?

When your weight is lower than the criteria related to your height, age, and gender, is unhealthy and can cause health problems. The ideal is to be within the normal parameters of the criteria mentioned above.