A. Neomar Evies, Ph.D

* University Teaching (Undergraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas of: technology management, ICTs, applied computing, technology, administration, statistics, general management, Human Resources, Sports. Academic tutor and referee in different research works. Management of different eLearning tools.

* University teaching (Postgraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas from: Management and ICTs. Tutor and referee in different research projects.

* Research: Accredited active researcher in the area of technology management with various finished research products. Research Field: Management Technology in business organizations. Speaker at different events and conferences National and international. Author of academic books and different articles scientific investigation.

* Management: Managerial positions and direction of work teams. Area coordinator technologies in different congresses, forums and scientific, academic and/or events sports at national and international level. Extensive experience designing and implementing technological projects, information systems, reengineering processes, projects feasible, model designs and organizational systems.

* Technology: Described below:

Can Garlic Cause Mouth Ulcers?

can garlic cause mouth ulcers

Garlic is an ideal plant in gastronomy, an exceptional condiment. It provides various advantages to the body, from the preventive or prophylactic point of view in relation to some pathologies. In this sense, it maximizes the person’s immune system, and has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-flu qualities. In the same way, its consumption favors reducing … Read more

Does Royal Honey Work On Females?

does royal honey work on females

Royal Honey is a product that has been widely used because of the belief that it can increase the libido in the male population. However, it is a product made specifically with pure fortified honey, which is combined with herbs from the tropical forests (Tongkat Ali and Ginseng). It is important to mention that it … Read more

Can You Eat Spicy Food On Your Period?

can you eat spicy food on your period

It’s better if you avoid spicy food while on your period. When you eat spicy food, you can suffer from bloating. That’s specially so if your period is severe. That means manifesting great fatigue, heavy flow and even cramps. Can I eat spicy food on my period? As we said, we recommend to pass it … Read more

Can Drinking Alcohol Reduce A Fever?

can drinking alcohol reduce a fever

It’s a false belief. Anybody who thinks that drinking alcohol does lower fever is doing more damage to the body’s health than good. So Don’t attempt to drink alcohol when your temperature is high. Why do people think drinking alcohol reduces a fever? When people drink alcohol, blood vessels dilate, resulting in greater loss of … Read more

The Importance of Positive Relationships in Mental Health

the importance of positive relationships in mental health

A guy meets a girl. He enjoys spending quality time with her. The result of a such good relationship produces consequences that reflex in his behaviour. He has better mood, strong self-steem and an inclination to optimism. This is where the importance of positive relationships in mental health kicks in. Relationships are what give us … Read more

How to Develop Good Mental Health

how to develop good mental health

To know how to develop good mental health we need to understand first the basics that lead to a good mental health. The conditions required to stablish a balanced life. Enhanced mental health When you hear the term “emotional health or mental health”, what is the first thing that usually comes into your mind? According … Read more