A. Neomar Evies, Ph.D

* University Teaching (Undergraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas of: technology management, ICTs, applied computing, technology, administration, statistics, general management, Human Resources, Sports. Academic tutor and referee in different research works. Management of different eLearning tools.

* University teaching (Postgraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas from: Management and ICTs. Tutor and referee in different research projects.

* Research: Accredited active researcher in the area of technology management with various finished research products. Research Field: Management Technology in business organizations. Speaker at different events and conferences National and international. Author of academic books and different articles scientific investigation.

* Management: Managerial positions and direction of work teams. Area coordinator technologies in different congresses, forums and scientific, academic and/or events sports at national and international level. Extensive experience designing and implementing technological projects, information systems, reengineering processes, projects feasible, model designs and organizational systems.

* Technology: Described below:

Should I Eat Ramen At Night?

should I eat ramen at night

Ramen is one of the most popular Japanese dishes worldwide. You can find it on a large scale in restaurants or also you can prepare it at home. When you opt for homemade ramen, there’s room for trying different ingredients, which is helpful when you want to have more control about what you eat. Since … Read more

Is Homemade Ramen Healthy?

is homemade ramen healthy

Homemade ramen is a personalized version of the popular Japanese dish known as ramen, which is a noodle soup. Additionally, it can include wheat noodles, broth, and a variety of ingredients, such as: meat, vegetables, egg, seaweed, and seasonings. When prepared at home, homemade ramen allows you to adapt the recipe according to your preferences … Read more

Side Effects of Eating Noodles At Night

side effects of eating noodles at night

Noodles are a very nutritious food, which is generally consumed at different times of the day. And like any other food, we can’t help wondering if eating noodles produces some side effects in the body, specially if we eat them at night. Though, noodles normally don’t cause discomfort, it can affect certain people considering aspects … Read more

Does eating noodles at night make you fat?

does eating noodles at night make you fat

Noodles are a very popular food in various countries around the world, and we can buy them in different presentations. Noodles contain a high concentration of carbohydrates (carbohydrates) and vitamin B, which means low fat content. Since it is a highly consumed food on a global scale, it is common to wonder if eating it … Read more

Can We Eat Rice At Night for Weight Loss?

can we eat rice at night for weight loss

There are a variety of methods that have been designed to lose weight. Some are more effective than others. However, all organisms are different and do not respond in the same way. Rice, for instance, is qualified as an excellent food with nutritional properties since it is free of cholesterol, provides a good dose of … Read more

Does Eating Rice At Night Increase Belly Fat?

does eating rice at night increase belly fat

Rice is a very popular cereal in all countries of the world since it is a food with excellent nutritional qualities. It is cholesterol-free, which provides a lot of health benefits because it does not contain gluten. Also, it provides a considerable amount of fiber to the body. Nevertheless, there is a belief that eating … Read more

Can Garlic Cause Mouth Ulcers?

can garlic cause mouth ulcers

Garlic is an ideal plant in gastronomy, an exceptional condiment. It provides various advantages to the body, from the preventive or prophylactic point of view in relation to some pathologies. In this sense, it maximizes the person’s immune system, and has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-flu qualities. In the same way, its consumption favors reducing … Read more

Do Cranberry Pills Make You Taste Better?

do cranberry pills make you taste better

Cranberry pills are among the most popular products. They are vastly consumed thanks to the diverse benefits they provide. These pills have qualities such as: vitamin A and C, flavonoids, beta-carotene and anthocyanins. Also, they are beneficial at the level of the urinary system, emergency prevention and effective treatment in infections caused by bacteria, tales … Read more

Can Garlic Worsen Stomach Ulcers?

can garlic worsen stomach ulcers

Garlic is a bulbous plant that is widely used in cooking due to its distinctive flavor and aroma. In addition to its culinary value, garlic also has an interesting nutritional composition. Because it is a condiment par excellence, it provides many benefits for your body from the prophylactic point of view. Among the various advantages … Read more