A. Neomar Evies, Ph.D

* University Teaching (Undergraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas of: technology management, ICTs, applied computing, technology, administration, statistics, general management, Human Resources, Sports. Academic tutor and referee in different research works. Management of different eLearning tools.

* University teaching (Postgraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas from: Management and ICTs. Tutor and referee in different research projects.

* Research: Accredited active researcher in the area of technology management with various finished research products. Research Field: Management Technology in business organizations. Speaker at different events and conferences National and international. Author of academic books and different articles scientific investigation.

* Management: Managerial positions and direction of work teams. Area coordinator technologies in different congresses, forums and scientific, academic and/or events sports at national and international level. Extensive experience designing and implementing technological projects, information systems, reengineering processes, projects feasible, model designs and organizational systems.

* Technology: Described below:

Sports Management Technology: Challenges

sports management technology

From the Author: This article is focused on the management problems sports organizations in South America face to keep up with the new technology trends used nowadays. Title Technological challenges in the current sports management. Abstract This scientific article addresses the technological challenges that sports management faces today. In this sense, the elementary notions of … Read more

Psychological Training in Swimming – Ontomethodological Vision

psychological training in swimming

From the Author: Ontomethodology is a philosophical term composed of 2 words: “Onto” which refers to ontology, which means ‘the study of being alive and existing’, and methodology, which are procedures to be executed. Title Ontomethodological vision that swimming coaches have in relation to their athletes’ Mood. Abstract Mood is a not very intense, diffuse, … Read more