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Natural Food for Bodybuilding

There are certainly natural food for bodybuilding that you can consume. And this doesn’t mean that you have to ditch supplements.

There’s nothing wrong about supplements (we’ll get to that later). But the most ideal approach when it comes to foods that support muscle growth is that you go natural. Then you can add prescribed supplements to complement your nutrition.

When you’re working on building muscle, there are two aspects that you need to consider: what you are doing with your body and what you are putting in your body.

Even if you’re doing everything right in the gym, if you pick up a double cheeseburger and large fries on the way home, you’ll be undoing everything. Fortunately, there are a number of great foods to choose from for muscle building.

5 bodybuilding food


One of the things that makes fish an outstanding healthy food for muscle growth is that it’s packed with protein. Salmon, for example, boasts 25 grams of protein for every 100 grams of fish. This will help you quickly and easily reach your daily protein goals.

The other aspect of fish that helps you build muscle is that it contains high levels of monounsaturated fats as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Both of these healthy fats will help you get the energy you need and help keep your body healthy.

Whole Eggs

Don’t give in to the misconception that egg yolks are bad for you and skip them. The truth is that egg yolks are packed full of the protein that you need to rebuild those muscles. In fact, there are about 6 grams of protein in each egg, so a couple for breakfast will give you a good amount.

What really makes eggs a great source of protein is the type of protein it contains. It’s got what’s called a high biological value, which means your body uses it more efficiently than other types of food, so you know it’s doing plenty of muscle building for you.


Another great source of protein is chicken. For every 100 grams of chicken, you get a whopping 31 grams of protein, allowing you to eat as much as you want without worrying about filling out your calorie count without gaining anything from it.

Chicken is also great because it’s a lean meat, meaning it contains a low amount of fat. Saturated fats that come from animal are unhealthy and should be avoided with healthy unsaturated fats taking their place in the calorie count. This diverse meat can easily show up in a number of healthy dishes.

Lean Ground Beef

When it comes to the red meats, many people tend to stay away from them because of the high fat content, they have a lot to offer as far as protein, so choosing a lean ground beef will help you benefit from the 21 grams of protein per 100 grams of beef.

What makes the extra fat worth it when it comes to ground beef is the other vitamins and minerals it contains which are essential for muscle growth. Zinc, iron, and vitamin B12 all contribute to muscle growth, and this red meat is loaded with them.


If you’re looking for a plant-based source of protein that also makes a great snack, then almonds are the way to go. These delicious nuts have 8 grams of protein in every ¼ cup, which is even more than eggs. They also contain a high amount of magnesium that helps your body use protein for muscle growth.

Almonds also will help you get in your healthy fats for the day as they are filled with monounsaturated fats. These fats will help you feel healthier and can actually help lower your risk of developing heart disease among other things.

There are more foods that help you grow muscle. But you can start with the ones with just mentioned.

Now that you know the best foods to help gain muscle, it’s time to talk a little bit about supplements.

Should you take supplements?

If you are looking for a way to build muscle fast, there are plenty of supplements on the market today that promise to do just that for you.

But, how many of those claims are true that you need supplements to be able to reach the goals you have with muscle gain? Will supplements really work for you to give you the body you always wanted?

The truth is that if you are getting enough protein in your diet, you don’t really need supplements. There are a number of foods that are excellent for building muscle because they are high in easily-digestible protein and contain healthy fats as well as other important nutrients that will help your body build muscle fast.

Some of the best foods to bulk muscle include:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Lean ground beef
  • Almonds
  • Soy
  • Fish

As long as you include plenty of these in your diet, then you shouldn’t have to worry about supplements. A great way to make sure that you’re getting enough protein every day is to track your diet with a fitness app.

For people that are concerned about not getting enough protein, then a protein supplement may help them get what they need to build their muscle.

When looking for a protein supplement, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a high-quality supplement that contains an all-natural protein source and comes from a reputable company.

Natural supplements

Finding a great supplement is important because most of these supplements are not regulated by the FDA. That means that literally anybody could encapsulate some ingredients, put a label on it, and sell it for however much they want. Their product wouldn’t have to be verified or tested by any government testing agency which means there’s no guarantee of quality.

In addition to protein supplements, there are other supplements on the market that may or may not help you gain muscle. These supplements include various vitamins and minerals that help promote muscle growth in your body. Like protein, you can get what you need from food, but if you are worried you’re not getting enough in your diet, you can supplement.


It is something that many people are not getting enough of, and although it’s mostly thought of as a bone-building mineral, it’s also used in muscle function. If you’re not getting enough calcium, then you’ll have a hard time contracting your muscles during workouts and will also suffer during recovery, so make sure you’re eating plenty of broccoli or else take a calcium supplement.


It is another essential mineral that your body uses for muscle function and growth. It also ensures that you’ll have enough energy for your workouts. While it can be found in things like beans and red meat, you may also want to add an iron supplement if you don’t feel like you’re getting enough iron in your diet.

Bottom Line:

At the end of the day, you need to decide for yourself if supplements will help you build muscle. While some people can get all they need from their diet, others may benefit from taking some supplements, whether it’s a protein supplement or a vitamin or mineral supplement.

Frequently asked questions

What food is good for bodybuilding?

All food that contains protein. That is: fish and seafood, lean meats – beef, pork, lamb, eggs, lobster crab, and dairy products such as milk and cheese.

What is the best diet for bodybuilding?

There are a few good diets that help you grow muscle. You can try the 80-10-10 Diet, which focused on how the food you eat is processed in your body. Another diet you can try is the Split-Meals Diet or the Intermittent Fasting Diet.

What supplements are the best for muscle building?

Protein is the best supplement, and for good results, you should consume it after a workout.

What is the best protein powder for building muscle?

Most people recommended to go for animal-based protein since your body can digest it better and have a faster response on your muscle. However, plan-based protain are also good as long as you consume powders made with pea protein.

What creatine is best for building muscle?

Creatine monohydrate is the best among the supplements, and it is the most used. Nevertheless, there are variations that contain magnesium and other compouunds.

Is creatine good for building muscle?

Creatine is perfectly healthy to take. There’s no evidence that may suggest it can harm who take it for muscle gain. What you should be carefull about is not ingest too much. It can cause bloating or stomach discomfort when you consume too much at one shot.

Are supplements drugs?

No. Supplements are Not drugs at all. That’s why you they don’t over the strict approval. You can buy supplements without any prescription.

Are supplements bad for kidneys?

No, on the contrary. Supplements can help you avoid Chronic kidney disease (CKD) if you add kidney support supplements to your daily activities.

Very well, now you know what to eat for muscle growth and what natural supplements to take. Remember that there are other options of natural food for bodybuilding. You have to make sure they are rich in protein.