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Is 7.5 Kg Dumbbell Enough For Biceps?

It can be affirmed that men generally seek to look good physically, seeking to have an anatomically “harmonious” body.

In this sense, the muscular development of the arms is necessary for them, and plays an important role in all the activities where it is carried out.

Among which we can mention: lifting heavy objects both either at home or elsewhere. This also influences their self-esteem and produce admiration in the opposite sex.

That is why the usefulness of the arms is very important, and they must be exercised properly in their toning or in their muscular development.

In relation to this part of the body, the biceps (brachialis) should be mentioned, which is a large muscle, formed by two heads, one long external and the other short internal, which requires exercise routines.

Today, many people exercise the biceps with dumbbells. In this particular, it is necessary to ask yourself if using dumbbells, specifically the 7.5 Kg ones, is enough to exercise them successfully.

In such a way, that in this article we will answer the previous question, adding important data on this subject.

Is 7.5 kg dumbbell enough for biceps?

Yes, it is if a specific work is carried out in that particular muscle since it is a small muscle of the arm, but you also need a proper workout plan.

It is important to mention, that the biceps is located anatomically from the shoulder blade, to the upper part of the radius and when it contracts, it bends the forearm over the upper arm; which is divided by two heads as mentioned above, as they are: the long head and the short head.

Is 7.5 Kg Dumbbell Good For Beginners?

It is very suitable for beginners because it is not so heavy. It will favor the adaptation process of the specific load and there will be an improvement in terms of resistance and strength in a certain time.

Why is it good to start with the 7.5 kg dumbbell?

It is ideal to start with this type of weight because it provides benefits in relation to the initial adaptation process of the training; thus, avoiding the presentation of possible muscle injuries.

You must keep in mind that the application of the technique is more important than the weight used.

As well as, it will prepare the person for future changes or modifications, in relation to the workload to be implemented or to the variations of specific exercises for this muscle.

Now whether you want to keep it working on light weights is fine. Some researchers ha proven that using either light or heavy weights, both actually helps in growing muscles.

For more details, watch the following educational video where this is stressed out.

7.5 Kg Dumbbell bicep Workout for beginners

The routine will be based on the following way: Since the objective is to obtain muscle gains in the biceps, it is vital to have an average frequency of them per week and avoid errors in the execution of the movements.

Remember that the biceps are very limited, in terms of their functionality in relation to the movements to be made, since the biceps is the one that helps have a flexion in the elbow.

The exercise routine is:

Supinated Z-bar curl with wide or open grip (Standing)

Perform the amount of 4 sets, approximately 10 to 12 repetitions. (It will work the internal zone of the biceps).

Supinated curl with closed or narrow grip bar (Standing)

Perform the amount of 4 sets, approximately 10 to 12 repetitions. (It will work the external zone of the biceps).

Supinated grip dumbbell curl (Seated)

Perform the amount of 4 sets, approximately 10 to 12 repetitions. (It will work the brachialis and the palmaris major).

Z-bar curl with overhand grip (Standing)

Perform the amount of 4 sets, approximately 10 to 12 repetitions. (work that specifically affects the brachial area and forearm of the biceps).

Single 7.5 kg dumbbell workout

An exercise routine to work with a single dumbbell (7.5 Kg) is described below:

Alternating dumbbell curl on the Scott bench, with supinated grip

Perform the amount of 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions approximately.

Curl with 2 dumbbells at the same time on the Scott bench with supinated grip

Perform the amount of 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions approximately.

Alternating dumbbell curl on incline bench with supinated grip

Perform the amount of 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions approximately.

Seated dumbbell concentrated biceps curl with supinated grip

Perform the amount of 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions approximately.

7.5 kg dumbbell pros

  • In general, a person could lift a 7.5 kg dumbbell using a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of weight in kilograms between a range of 7 and 8 kg dumbbells.
  • With a gradual increase in repetitions and intensity to prevent the body from adapting to a specific weight.
  • Relatively working with little weight will not prevent you from gaining strength and seeing a significant increase in gaining muscle tone, without forgetting that it will depend to a large extent on planning in terms of correct exercises.
  • It maintains a sustained development of the biceps or any other muscle.
  • It is also necessary to carry out a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients and adequate rest time.
  • When working with dumbbells it is essential in the workout routine, because it allows us to work with more complete ranges of motion.
  • The importance of including these specific free exercises with dumbbells will benefit us and will greatly contribute to effective work, in terms of improving technique and developing a faster and more effective muscle-mind connection (Neuro-muscular).

Frequently asked questions

Is 7.5 kg dumbbell too heavy?

In general, it is not that heavy, but it will depend to a large extent on each person, in terms of their body composition and the specific objective that person has, in relation to gaining muscle mass or simply looking for a good muscle tone, or to maintain good overall health.

What other muscles can be exercised with the 7.5 kg dumbbell?

With that specific weight, you can work both large and small muscles; for the first we have: the chest, back, legs and buttocks; and for the second group: the biceps, the triceps, the shoulders.

What other dumbbells can I use to exercise biceps?

Dumbbells from 5 to 10 kg are recommended. They would be the most ideal and effective to start training the biceps in a general way and in specific areas, either the long head or the short head of the same density.

Remember, that the most important value in training is not the weight as such, it is the technique, the motivation, the perseverance; because with the 7.5 kg dumbbell, you can train effectively, with the aim of seeking to develop the following criteria: resistance, strength, muscle tone and achieving a physical, harmonious and metabolic balance.

Which Dumbbell Weight Should I Use?

From 5 kg and up to 10 kg, you can reach a weight that allows you to reach a specific number of repetitions well done in a controlled manner, in terms of execution and full ranges of movements.

How much is 7.5 kg in pounds?

About 16.5 pounds approximately.


Definitely, it is enough to use a 7.5 kg dumbbell to exercise the biceps properly. However, its success depends on compliance with the workout plan.

Such plan must be adequately designed according to the biophysical characteristics of the person, in relation to the routines that must be carried out as well as to a diet rich in nutrients.

It is necessary to clarify that the 7.5 kg dumbbell is appropriate for beginners because it is not heavy, favoring the process of adaptation.

Remember that the biceps is a small muscle that requires perseverance and discipline to develop it, and the use of this type of dumbbell is conducive to it.

It is important to mention that working with dumbbells provides adaptability and offers a range of different and varied executions in terms of training, either bilaterally, alternatively or unilaterally (with only one arm).

In the same order of ideas, this provides us with progression in terms of the different loads, in relation to the intensity of the exercise; being adaptable to any physical form, age, gender, among others.

In this sense, the use of dumbbells is safer to avoid possible injuries and provides us with intramuscular coordination, which means that it would improve the motor part.

An exercise routine with a dumbbell (7.5 Kg) specifically for beginners is described below:

  1. Supinated Z-bar foot curl with wide or open grip.
  2. Supinated close or narrow grip barbell – standing.
  3. Dumbbell curl, alternated with supinated grip – seated
  4. Overhand grip z-bar curl – standing.

An exercise routine to work with a single dumbbell (7.5 Kg) is described below:

  1. Scott Bench Alternating Dumbbell Curl with under-grip.
  2. Curl with 2 dumbbells at the same time on the Scott bench with an underhand grip.
  3. Alternating incline bench dumbbell curl with underhand grip.
  4. Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curl with underhand grip.

It is necessary that the person manages to have an effective connection in relation to: “mind-muscle, for his physical evolution.

If you have any questions regarding how your training or workout plan should be, do not hesitate to contact a certified trainer.