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Can Drinking Alcohol Reduce A Fever?

It’s a false belief. Anybody who thinks that drinking alcohol does lower fever is doing more damage to the body’s health than good. So Don’t attempt to drink alcohol when your temperature is high.

Why do people think drinking alcohol reduces a fever?

When people drink alcohol, blood vessels dilate, resulting in greater loss of body heat than when alcohol is not consumed. What happens is that alcoholic drinks produce an initial effect of euphoria in people. That makes them think that the cold from fever disappears.

But the fever doesn’t go away when you drink alcohol. And as we said, it can make it worse, because fever weakens your body.

Where does this belief come from?

There’s no really a reliable source. What we can say is that in some European countries like Russia, people tend to drink alcohol to keep them warm during winter.

But that doesn’t really keep you warm. It’s not a scientific fact. But still, they keep drinking and saying that it helps them go through those the daunting season.

So, maybe the belief of drinking alcohol for fever have a similar root. However, as we said, there’s no clear reference of such a claim.    

Can you drink alcohol with a fever anyway?

When people drink alcohol, they produce a lot of calories. That’s why people think that it can be good against fever because it gives you energy. But something that gives you calories doesn’t mean is healthy for your body, especially when your temperature is high.

Moreover, the excess of calories don’t make your body and system perform well. In the same way, it doesn’t reconstitute tissues nor does it have beneficial functions in the body.

What happens if I drink when I have a fever?

As we said, you must not drink. Having stated that, when someone drinks with a fever, the following happens:

Alcohol in the body requires effort for its metabolization. Effort that is needed to deal with the cause of the fever and restore the lost balance.

Some of the alcohol that is not metabolized in the liver follows other routes to be eliminated: the kidney, the skin and the respiratory system (for this reason, the breathalyzer test can be carried out with an exhalation).

The fact that the respiratory system is overloaded with harmful substances causes more mucus production in the event of the flu, which hinders the oxygenation of the blood, and other substances that require it are not purified, accumulating more toxins.

Although, as we have seen, part of the alcohol is eliminated through the skin and causes the vessels of the skin to dilate and perspire, it does not mean that it is a good way to equate the temperature to normal, since it increases the temperature on the surface of the body, but not on the inside, the area where the cause of fever must really be fought.

Alcohol makes the immune system work less efficiently, with which any microorganism or factor that causes fever will be poorly fought, slowing down the healing process.

What should you drink when you have a fever?

You need to keep your body hydrated and consume vitamins and nutrients. So make sure to drink:

  • Plenty water
  • Oatmeal
  • Lemonade juice
  • Lettuce tea
  • Fenugreek Tea
  • Basil infusion

Are green smoothies good for fever?

Sure. Green smoothies are a great complement to strengthen your immune system. Besides, smoothies are good for detoxing your body from harmful toxins that might cause fever.

Also, green smoothies are rich in fiber, which lowers cholesterol and glucose levels. This advantage makes you feel full for longer and regulates the body’s cleansing processes.

In addition to it, these types of smoothies are a great source of nutrients lile vitamin A, C, Folate, and Potassium thanks to the fruits and vegetables.

Some mixes to start with the shakes would be:

  • Lettuce
  • Green apples
  • Kiwi
  • Spinach
  • Pearl

Soups to treat fever

Chicken soup is the one to go when you have a fever. It’s the preferable home remedy for fever. This soup has the nutrients that your body needs, specially when you add carrots, garlic and onion.

Other soup alternatives that may help you are:

  • Garlic soup
  • Vegetable soup
  • Coconut ginger carrot soup
  • Chicken noodle soup

Stay in bed

When you have a fever you really don’t want to get up, and it’s for the best. Stay in bed and sleep. You might feel tempted to be active. But fever is the manifestation of an infection in the body.

So don’t try to hold on motivational mindset to dispel fever. It won’t work, most importantly, it would jeopardize your health.

Beside, you need to give time to your inmune system to combat the germs or virus that cause fever. And the best and fastest way to do it is by resting. So postpone whatever you have to do, lay down, drink lot of fluids and rest!