A. Neomar Evies, Ph.D

* University Teaching (Undergraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas of: technology management, ICTs, applied computing, technology, administration, statistics, general management, Human Resources, Sports. Academic tutor and referee in different research works. Management of different eLearning tools.

* University teaching (Postgraduate): Facilitator of curricular units in the areas from: Management and ICTs. Tutor and referee in different research projects.

* Research: Accredited active researcher in the area of technology management with various finished research products. Research Field: Management Technology in business organizations. Speaker at different events and conferences National and international. Author of academic books and different articles scientific investigation.

* Management: Managerial positions and direction of work teams. Area coordinator technologies in different congresses, forums and scientific, academic and/or events sports at national and international level. Extensive experience designing and implementing technological projects, information systems, reengineering processes, projects feasible, model designs and organizational systems.

* Technology: Described below:

¿How Many Days Should I Workout to Build Muscle?

how many days should I workout to build muscle

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Lean Vs Muscular Body

lean vs muscular body

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Best Apps for Muscle Gain

best apps for muscle gain

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Sample Weekly Workout Schedule

sample weekly workout schedule

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How to Get Strong Muscles

how to get strong muscles

In order to know how to get strong muscles, you need to evaluate your daily life first. That is to ask yourself how much activity you have every single day, what your eating habits are, and how much exercise you do if any. After you do it, you can then think about how to make … Read more